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哥们你省实验的吧,好心给你篇典9-6,懒得发邮箱,直接给你 Kelly the resce dog The book is about a rescue dog called Kelly.Its owner is a rescue man.There happens an earthquake in Turkey.So the rescue dog comes to there. And there is also a boy.He came up away from the dangerous house ,but the dad is under the house.The dog came there at the time,and the boy asked him tosave his dad. Though theyhavent meet before ,the man still asked the dog to save his father.The dod spent a lot of time,and he won at last.

典范英语9性格魔水 读后感

The Personality PotionThe story mainly tells us that a shy boy called Danniel didn't like his personality and always didn't have much confidence in himself to do things he wanted.So he asked his uncle who was a scientist for help.Uncle gave him a bottle of personality potion.He said it would find out his good personalities inside his heart.Of course,Danniel believed it completely,after he tried that,he found himself changed into another person.The potion really worked!A several days later,he went to see Uncle.Uncle told Danniel the truth was that the potion was a trick.You believed yourself instead of believing the potion.

典范英语7(12-16)的读后感 急


o(∩_∩)o 一个男孩的哥哥有一双运动鞋,男孩不喜欢那运动鞋,因为他总是发出噪音,而且还当挡住她看电视





A boy's brother has a pair of sports shoes, the boy didn't like the shoes, because he always makes a lot of noise, but also when blocking she watch tv! At night, the boy and his brother to sleep, the boy found the shoes seemed to look at him, so hewas very afraid! Then the shoes their homes at sixes and sevens, the boy's motherthink boys did! Every night, the boy was watching sports shoes! One day sports shoes finally lost, they too dangerous!


There were two monsters living in the loch.One was called Nessie,and the other was called Flossie.They belonged to the same family.But they were different. Nessie was famous for being spotted.She liked to scare people.But Flossie felt lonely.He wanted to find a real friend,who could see the real him and could like him. One day, he saw a little girl.Some boys bullied her.They threw her glasses into water.The girl waded in the water.She almost drowned herself.Flossie helped the girl.They became good friends and played together.

典范英语8-8 皮蒂 读后感

The feeling after reading Petey is a domestic robot.One day I and Sam found petey was very odd.Actually, he want to be a human.We support him to be a human.But my mum found it .and called the factory on the vid-phone.we're on a escape.On the way ,Petey was caught by connections squad van in order to save Sam at last . At last ,my parents followed petey to be that.Now petey was travelled at the outer planet. Although it is in a future world, very advanced,everything wants to get his own consciousness, so is the robot. In order to own his own consciousness, a robot could be experienced the rough time . This shows that consciousness is the most precious in one's life.